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Magic Sparkles
Will post an update at the other end.

I haven't done Irish step in 15 years. I barely remember anything. Theresa recommended I come to a Prizewinner class, which, yes, was about the level I was at a million years ago, but as I said, I barely remember anything. I don't remember half of Saint Patrick's Day let alone any of the school solo steps beyond the baby-beginner ones Caroline knows.

So yeah, kinda nervous. Mostly that the dance moms of the prizewinner girls will totally laugh at me.

Well dang

Magic Sparkles
I just turned 37 a month ago. On and off I've contemplated pushing Brian harder to agree to another baby. He's firmly in the no camp, I'm in the mostly no but gee my two kids are so awesome that another one would be kinda cool camp.

Anyhow, no, in case you're wondering, I'm not pregnant.

No, so, little backstory here. There's this girl who went to my elementary school. Her mom was my CCD teacher one year, and she was in my Girl Scout troop. At some point between 5th and 8th grade, she went off to this school, which is a kind of so-so private school, you can get a better education at our public high school, but whatever. We lost touch is the point.

Facebook comes along 10-15 years later, and along with it the frenzy of reconnecting with people from childhood, so she friend-requested me and I accepted. Quick glance through her profile reveals an avid Fox News viewer, never finished even a two-year degree and works for a multi-level marketing company, and three kids, one a teenager. She's living in Florida. I defriended her at some point because she kept spamming me with invites for her MLM sales, and the rest of her posts were sappy born-again evangelical Christian stuff or political-conspiracy stuff about Obama being Hitler. Anyhow, she just friend-requested me tonight, and I was like whatever, accepted, scrolled a little down her timeline and there's all these pictures of a baby, and posts about the new baby, and I'm thinking, oh, she must have had a baby.

Nope. It's her grandchild. Suddenly I'm reminded that in the books, Catelyn Stark is 34 years old. And right now, I feel like I'm about a million years old, even though I got carded twice last month trying to buy beer. (Craft beer at that.)

Christmas Stuff!

I love not hosting! The only "musts" on my to-do list are to wrap the presents, make something for my friend Sue's Christmas Eve brunch Tuesday morning, and show up at my in-laws' Tuesday afternoon, church Tuesday night, and my parents' sometime Wednesday. That's IT.

I've been totally slacking on the whole housekeeping thing, too, in favor of doing fun stuff with the kids. Yesterday I tutored while Caroline had dancing, and then I took them to see Frozen. Awesome. I love Idina Menzel, I love Kristen Bell, I love that all the male roles went to geek icons like Alan Tudyk or actual Broadway stars rather than movie stars who needed voice dubbing. I love Nordic everything, so I'm even gleefully overlooking the fact that they went Norwegian even though Hans Christian Andersen was Danish. Who cares, right? Lingonberries and lutefisk for everyone.

Today both the girls and I were on the hook for performing at church, during which I saw my old high school English teacher! And....she had a nametag on. Which means she's been coming to church at least since they did the last call for who wanted a name tag, but this is the first time I've seen her there. Weird. Anyhow, it was during communion, and she just waved and smiled, so I didn't have time to go catch up with her. But I'm assuming I'll see her again if she goes enough to have a nametag. After that I took them up to Harvard Square where we hit John Harvard's where we were pleasantly surprised by both a traditional session going on in the corner and the availability of brunch! Score! Caroline cracked everyone up by telling the two hosts that she took Irish dancing and could do a reel and a jig, but only knew soft shoe dances because she was a little kid. Then we went to Newbury Comics for some actual CDs (I don't do digital downloads), the Curious George store, which still has books, which was nice, Cardullos, where I got Brian a hard-to-find microbrew from Vermont, some German candy, and some of this awesome red-berry jam that costs ten bucks a jar, worth every penny. Then we stopped in at the Harvard Book Store and then Zinnekin's for Belgian waffles. We picked Beth up and she came along with us, and we just had a great time.

On the way home, Caroline made up a song about Christmas, which contained the lines, "Come, Lord Jesus, and come, Santa Claus. Come see our Christmas tree and bring us joy." When I asked her to sing it a little louder so I could hear it better, she explained to me that it was a calm-down Christmas song and she had to sing it quietly. Then she told me it was for times when Christmas was making you crazy and you needed to calm down a little. Did I mention how awesome my kids are?!?

They're currently upstairs singing along to Ming Tea's "BBC."

Tomorrow I have to work, but then I think I'm going to bring the kids to La Sallette to see the Christmas lights. SO happy to be on vacation.

Lots of thinks and feels

Tiny Dancers
I had a busy and eventful-to-me day.

We all slept too late for some reason, and Julia ended up missing her bus to camp. So I had to drive her down to Manomet. It's funny, when you're in downtown Plymouth all the way to Plimoth Plantation and Chiltonville, the fact that Plymouth is Massachusetts' largest town geographically doesn't register. Even staying on the highway down to the bridge, it's long, but seems fairly navigable and smallish. That's because half the town is actually state forest, uninhabited, dirt roads and the whole shebang. And that's where Julia's camp is-- took us 30 minutes, and we're the next town up. Didn't help that there was a truck fire on the highway and traffic was backed up five miles. We still beat her bus, though.

Then I had to turn around and drive Caroline up to Irish dance camp in Norwell-- 40 minutes from camp, all highway. She was a half-hour late, but they were fine about that. Then I drove over to Scituate and met Karen, my choir director, for breakfast at this little bakery. We ended up talking almost two hours. I also ran into my old department head, Jay, who retired a few years ago, and he sat down with us for a few minutes and chatted. It was really awesome to hang out with Karen-- she's so smart and musical, and we come from somewhat similar backgrounds.

Got home and spent most of the afternoon doing laundry and more basement work, and scheduled some tutoring for the end of the summer. Brainstormed my pacing guide for BC calculus and worked on my thesis a little. Picked up Julia, and worked in the garden for a bit. This is where it gets exciting! My heirloom corn has a few ears, and one is getting silk! I hand pollinated to make sure I get at least one ear to replant, even if I don't get a crop. One ear makes me my money back, since this year six kernels ran me twenty bucks. Worth it, though; it's exciting to be one of the people growing the "first" generation since the variety was rediscovered.

I have a lot of tomatoes, too, in all six varieties I planted this year. They're all still green, but they're WAY bigger than last year and doing so much better. And I pulled two carrots today. One was from last fall and huge, and the other, a Red Dragon, was still little but a gorgeous color.

We dismantled the crib-turned-toddler-bed-turned-"couch" in the kids' playroom to make room for me to bring the lego table back upstairs tomorrow. The basement is as cleaned out as I can get it before the next dumpster pickup, all the laundry is done, and the playroom is cleaned up. And I planned out a cooking marathon tomorrow to use up as much of the produce as I can before the CSA pickup on Saturday. I also made a jar of cucumber-infused vodka-- the plan is to make cucumber-cantaloupe cocktails with ginger ale and mint.

Phew. I'm gonna go stitch.

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